Life is more than keying on phones or tablets. Life is, above all, pure nature: breathing fresh air on your face, smelling the scent of thyme and lavender under the summer heat, feeling frost early at dawn, spotting mammals and their traces, enjoying the melody of bird chirps. Nature reveals its secrets to those that get close, open their ears and eyes wide and leave impatience parked far behind.

You don’t need a documentary on Africa to enjoy wildlife. We have it here, really close by, inches away from our fauna spotting hides. All we need to do is look out their windows and enjoy.

My name is Andoni Llosa and I am passionate about wildlife and nature. I am one of those people that, tired of paperwork and office life, management and virtual reality, decided to change my life around and make a living out of my passion. This passion is everything related to nature: fauna, flora, weather, local culture and habits, countryside names and their origins…

It is almost two decades ago we left our native Bizkaia searching a different kind of life, in daily contact with nature. We found it near where my mother’s ancestors came from, a privileged place that has also captivated my son Ibai.

This is an exciting project I have embarked on, in an attempt to create synergies with touristic (and other) local initiatives, with the key objective of developing the collective economy of a region with scarce population and services.

Andoni Llosa