(Erithacus rubecula)

Our activity is focused on offering ecotourism and environmental education activities. We guide interpretive routes, we give workshops and environmental education courses and we have a hide for the observation and photography of forest birds. We also collaborate in the elaboration of wild fauna monitoring censuses aimed at the conservation of species.

Our observation hide is located in the mountains of Izki, between Treviño and the Alavesa Mountain, a very wealthy area for the fauna and birds. It is mostly in our surroundings where we offer interpretive itineraries, in which through hiking we contemplate and interpret the natural environment and transmit the local rural culture.

The environmental education workshops are offered “on demand”. We specialize in ornithology and wildlife, so we have prepared workshops about traces and footprints, ornithology initiation, construction of nest-box, bird census methodology, etc.

In all our projects we try to ensure that our clients live a unique experience of learning and sensitivity towards nature conservation, encouraging quiet observation, trying to spread the passion we feel for nature and contributing to the sustainable rural development of our region.

Observado en el jardín

Great spotted woodpecker

(Dendrocopos major)

Our proposals


Workshops of traces and footprints, ornithology, nest boxes, etc.


Observatory in the forest of Izki. For nature lovers and photographers. Our special guest: the middle spotted woodpecker


Censuses and species monitoring. Volunteering and citizen science


Design of interpretive hiking trails and nature guide

All our activities have all the legal requirements, accident insurance and civil liability insurance.

We collaborate with various entities: Spanish Ornithology Society (SEO/ Birdlife), Center for Environmental Studies of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Section of Natural Parks of the Provincial Council of Alava, Alava Town Halls (ElBurgo, Lagrán …), Alava Institute of Nature, etc.

We belong to the  association of active tourism  firms of the Basque Country AKTIBA